Valentine Chair No. 2 – George Ranalli Designs+-

Product : Valentine Chair No. 2  – George Ranalli Designs

Photography: Richard Barnes


Valentine 2 was designed for an architecture client during the process of developing a house expansion project. The chair is composed of layers of sheet material, and the chair has since been designed for use in a variety of home and work settings, in both right-and left-hand versions  The original prototype was fabricated in a man-made substance, Surell, by Formica Corporation, in panels measuring four-ft. by twelve-ft. by 1/2 half- inch. The material accommodates cutting much like wood, although it looks and feels more like stone. Likewise, Surrell is either assembled using typical wood joinery techniques or by filling joints with a paste-like variant of the same material.  The formal composition of Valentine Chair 2 use both methods of assemble to explore the sculptural capability of Surrell.


The prototype for Valentine Chair No. 2 is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art permanent collection where it has been included in exhibitions, such as “From Table to Tablescape,” October 1990, ”A Century of Design, Part IV: 1975-2000,” June 25, 2001–January 6, 2002, and “Highlights from the Modern Design Collection: 1900–Present, Part II,” May 23, 2011–July 1, 2012.


Read More : “Valentine 2” Chair. Designer:George Ranalli, and Jane Adlin, “Recent Acquisitions: A Selection 1990–1991.” Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin 49 (Fall 1991), p. 81, ill.

Video : George Ranalli chair goes to the MET