Valentine Chair No. 2- George Ranalli DESIGNS+-

Valentine Chair No. 2  by George Ranalli DESIGNS

Photography: Richard Barnes


Valentine 2 was designed for an architecture client during the process of developing a house expansion project. The chair is designed for use in a variety of home and work settings, in both right-and left-hand versions, using layers of Surell a substance manufactured by Formica Corporation, in four-ft. by twelve-ft. by 1/2 half- inch panels. The material accommodates cutting much like wood, although it looks and feels more like stone. Likewise, Surrell is either assembled using typical wood joinery techniques or by filling joints with a paste-like variant of the same material.  The formal composition of Valentine Chair 2 use both methods of assemble to explore the sculptural capability of Surrell.


The prototype for Valentine Chair No. 2 is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art permanent collection where it has been included in exhibitions, such as “From Table to Tablescape,” October 1990, ”A Century of Design, Part IV: 1975-2000,” June 25, 2001–January 6, 2002, and “Highlights from the Modern Design Collection: 1900–Present, Part II,” May 23, 2011–July 1, 2012.


Read More : “Valentine 2” Chair. Designer:George Ranalli, and Jane Adlin, “Recent Acquisitions: A Selection 1990–1991.” Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin 49 (Fall 1991), p. 81, ill.

Video : George Ranalli chair goes to the MET