H Residence+-

H Residence combines two ordinary side-by-side apartments into one stylish home with a sweeping curved silhouette, sumptuous color, custom lightwood millwork, and lush marble bathrooms. Removing existingdemising walls and reworking the floor plans unified the layout aligned to make the most of 12-foot high ceiling and large north-facing, wood-framed windows. The design strategy inserts a habitable form into the existing envelope to shape space for a put-together kitchen & pantry with a handcrafted vibe and a crisp powder room. The surfaces of the newly inserted form delineate an open plan living-and-dining area where the extra-long marble-top kitchen counter stretches out to reach a custom-fitted dining table, and sideboard and bar. Behind this new form, a spa-like marble bathroom and dressing area surround a gently curving staircase to a spacious sleeping berth and cozy reading nook. Storage systems tucked into every possible place to help guard against the perils of urban clutter include a closet underneath the staircase, cabinets in the bathroom’s marble bench seating, and an entrance hall lined with flaxen-wood grain flat-panel doors. George Ranalli DESIGNS custom home furnishings blend comfortably with the artwork of Archigram, Gaetano Pesce, and Bill Hayward. The project has been featured in A|N Interior, Summer 2018.