Office Suite+-



When the design for furniture is not solely, or even primarily, considered a medium of function, it holds the potential for artistic expression. The creative director of a global corporation commissioned a distinctive Office Suite to fill a corner office neatly. The composite assemblage features a desk and conference table and Valentine 2 chairs accessorized with bench seating and delicate flat panel cabinetry for media/storage. The installation uses space, plane, and volume to formulate a dynamic whole. The material palette combines hand-worked and ready-made materials that are stacked, layered, and attached. Formica products are used to blur the boundaries between technology and handcraftsmanship modeled from post-forming, renewable, solid-material that takes on irregular shapes seamlessly. The fire-rated material also has antimicrobial surface protection. Incised square tinted glass panes held in place by their delicate brass frames.  A subtle translucency responds to daylight and recessed LED lighting integrated into functional elements to form a sculptural suite of refined elegance. The most practical feature is the strategic placement of adjustable “sleeves.” to accommodate the dimensions of the digital devices today such as monitors, speakers, charger ports, and whatever the future may have in store for the executive suite toolkit.