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George Ranalli Designs white bone china dinnerware with raised gold and a touch of red.

Product : Tableware by George Ranalli Designs


Since 1985, George Ranalli Designs portfolio of everyday objects for home and work is in many ways a natural extension of our interior architecture projects. Interior architecture has inspired the design of unique tables and chairs which has inspired the design of every kind of tableware, in celebration of the daily ritual of the meal.


George Ranalli Designs begins the process of creating new tableware with a careful analysis of common of everyday objects. We think about how to improve upon aesthetic form, and how to increase the compatibility of an object and the people who will use it, and we look for just the right balance between novel and familiar.


Our tableware design possess the architectural sensibility of geometric form, and color, and a “feeling” for modern yet familiar and functional objects. A modern interpretation of traditional hotel dinnerware of another era in white bone china, and raised gold leaf details, follows a red circle, at the center section, becoming smaller and smaller, to the rim, and a turquoise, green, and cobalt blue composition is a playful version of the pattern, helping to make mealtime a little happier and friendlier. Our approach to the design and production of beautiful, high-quality tableware also happens to be the best ecological strategy, aiming for design of everyday objects that will stay in use for generations to come.

George Ranalli Designs dinnerware, utensils, and AI table.

George Ranalli Designs dinnerware, utensils, and AI table.