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George Ranalli Designs unique glass vase series


Sofia Glassware Collection – George Ranalli Designs


In 2004, Cleto Munari curated a show of original glassware design for exhibition on the famed Island of Murano, offering modern designs an opportunity to explore traditional of Venetian glassmaking techniques used since antiquity, and George Ranalli Designs’ Sofia Glass is a beneficiary of the process.


Although glass is fragile, it is also delightfully adaptable. Engaging the paradox, the top edge of Sofia Glass, where mouth meets wine, has a smooth thin rim, whereas the glass bowl taking shape, infused with amethyst stone, produces a dynamic quality much like the dynamic process of glassmaking itself. At the joint between the bowl and stem, like the stem of a flower, nesting the larger bowl inside a smaller bowl makes it possible to hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the wine inside.


Sofia Glass has since inspired Sofia Glassware Collection of vases, water and juice glasses, and wine and cocktail glasses for every occasion.  Our glassware collection celebrates the traditions of glasswork carried forward by artisans for centuries, and the very real connection glassware has to the past. Sofia Glassware is therefore not of uniform color.  Rather, gradients of color emerge from a solid base and appear to tessellate like kinetic glass sculpture.