The Chatham House+-

The Chatham House 



The Chatham House sits at the top of a four-acres site, amidst rolling green hills, on the outskirts of the Village of Chatham, in Columbia County, New York State. Originally known as Groat’s Corners, Chatham Village was established in 1869., surrounded by working farms. By 1900, the Village had become a bustling railroad destination for travelers from New York, Albany, and Boston, and although most of the rail traffic has since been routed, trains still pass through on a daily basis, and the Villagers value this slice of local history. The site for Chatham House, on the outskirts of the Village, offers 


George Ranalli Architect’s design is responsive to the Client’s aspirations for a home offering beauty, serenity, environmental sensitivity, and a balance of private and communal spaces able to accommodate living quarters and make room enough for several generations of family and friends to visit at once.  Durable stone, wood, and copper roofing were selected for comfort and distinction.  At the man entrance, an oval reception hall segues to a delicate observatory, supported by narrow columns, atop the highpoint of this bucolic site, partaking of spectacular views of the Catskill and Berkshire mountain ranges.  At the center of the plan, an outdoor courtyard framed by cypresses trees and gardens, and a colorful indoor swimming pool room succeeds in blurring the boundaries between outside and inside.  The contemporary, energy-efficient home features a moderate application of vibrant color, texture, and crafts-intensive detailing that blends comfortably into its bucolic northern New York State surroundings.