Valentine Chair 2+-

project name : Valentine Chair 2

location : Scarsdale, New York

year of design: 1989

client: Formica Corp.

architect: George Ranalli

design team: John Butterworth

photographer: Richard Barnes

The Valentine 2 Chair was originally designed as a breakfast-room furniture ensemble for the “G” House project in Scarsdale, New York. The prototype, (pictured here), is fabricated from sheets of Surell, a synthetic sheet stock material fabricated by the Formica Corporation. The Valentine 2 chair comes in a right-hand and left- hand version to be situated on either side of a table, which for the “G” house project was placed beneath a window/skylight dining area.

Surell is factory produced in large four-foot by twelve-foot by onehalf- inch panels, and available through construction supply distributors. This versatile material cuts like plywood, though its tactile properties are more like stone. Surrell is assembled using typical wood joinery techniques, such as a dado joints, but the option of applying a liquid paste of the same material, also supplied by Formica, erases all visible joints. For the Valentine Chair 2, the result is a formal composition that both expresses and conceals fabrication joints, allowing a plastic composition of surfaces, solids, and planes. Through Valentine Chair 2, Surrell reveals an extraordinary sculptural capability.