Valentine Chair 1+-

project name : Valentine Chair 1

location : Udine, Italy

year of design: 1983

client: Promosedia Corp.

architect: George Ranalli

design team: Nick Dermand

photographer: Stefano Valebrega

In 1986, the Promosedia S.R.L., Udine, Italy, commissioned the design of the Valentine Chair 1, for limited production. Another version designed for the 22nd Street Loft project differs slightly in detail and execution. Unlike the chair pictures, the 22nd Loft version of the Valentine Chair 1 was executed in plywood with a black lacquer finish and joining brass details.

The Valentine Chair 1 is a ladder-back dining chair designed for a formal setting. Situated around the table, these chairs complete a table design. Partially due to the height of the chair back, Valentine Chair 1 is perceived as forming a space around the table. The original design features exposed wood end-grain, with a final laminate layer of ebony veneer; however, the production line finish determined by the Promosedia Company was black matte lacquer. Typical for Italian furniture, Valentine Chair 1 had a limited production run.