Sofia Glass Collection+-

project name : Sofia Glass

location : Venice, Italy

year of design: 2002

client: Murano Glass Museum, Venice, Italy

architect: George Ranalli

design team: Mario Gentile, M.T. Chang

Designer and Curator Cleto Munari invited Ranalli Architect to design a glass for a 2004 special exhibit at Murano Glass Factory in Venice, Italy, which features an international collection of notable glass design. The project inspired the Sofia Glass Collection, an extensive line of glassware available from Ranalli Architects.

The Sofia Glass design originally sent to Venice included specific fabrication and finishing instructions. Preliminary glass samples were evaluated before a final piece was hand-blown by a Venetian artisan. The upper bowl was made from blue glass, with amethyst gems encrusting the outer surface, while a smaller lower bowl and stem, in clear glass, completed the design. The gem colors and accent glass radiates a pink hue throughout the glass. Touching the gems when lifting the glass offers a sensuous tactile experience to accompany the taste of whatever it contains. The original piece from the Sofia Glass Collection is now in the permanent collection of the Murano Museum, in Venice, Italy.