Scarpa Exhibit at CCA+-

project name : Carlo Scarpa: Intervening with History

location : Montreal, Canada

year of design: 1998

client: Canadian Center for Architecture

architect: George Ranalli

design team: Mario Gentile, Price Harrison, Fran Leadon

photographer: Michel Legendre

The Canadian Center for Architecture exhibit “Carlo Scarpa: Intervening With History” began with the idea to bring the work of Scarpa to a North American audience. In addition to exhibiting magnificent original Scarpa drawings, the Ranalli Architect installation design incorporates materials that represent ideas about Scarpa’s work, thereby providing a comprehensive and integrated vision of Scarpa’s significant architectural interventions in historic settings.

The Ranalli Architect design for the installation features materials used primarily by Scarpa. Each of the delicate Scarpa drawings is set in a custom-designed wood frame, which allowed the image to float in the body of the frame. Photography of Scarpa’s built projects by Guido Guidi is placed upon steel easels with tilted tops to that accommodate the movement of viewer’s gaze from the walls to the easel. In addition, Ranalli Architect provides a set of analytic wood models of Scarpa projects to help facilitate a three-dimensional understanding of these complex works of architecture. The models are set upon steel pedestals, custom fabricated in a Montreal steel shop, designed in concert with the photo easels. Each room of the exhibit is dedicated to a project or grouping of projects that revealed Scarpa’s profound spatial, material, and decorative palette.