Pool & Pool House for “C” Family+-

project name : Pool & Pool House for “C” Family

location : Amagansett, New York

year of design: 1991

client: Marian & James H. Cohen

architect: George Ranalli

associates: Robert Silman Structural Engineer

design team: John Butterworth, Nathaniel Worden

photographer: Carla Breeze

In a woodsy seaside village, two precocious aesthetes filled their sturdy summer retreat with intriguingly beautiful contemporary art and sculptural furnishings. No matter the flourishing out-of-doors, the owners of the house went on framing works by Cindy Sherman and Robert Longo, until family and friends compelled them to locate the middle ground, and the couple commissioned an outdoor pool and pool house pavilion.

By filling a precipitous slope behind the house, the site provided a two-and-a-half acre terrace overlooking woodlands of mature trees and thick ruffs of wild flowers. A mahogany fence, stained spindrift white, with watery green copper features, encloses a stone covered patio that is the color of the inside of a seashell. A low circular soaking tub relaxes alongside a glistening swimming pool. From the tub’s edge, a gentle lisp of flowing water strikes a note of languor. Wide “cocktail” steps guide an assortment of swimmers to varying depths for lounging, swimming laps, and diving, across an iridescent arrangement of blue, green, and gold Italian mosaic glass tiles.

The design for a swimming pool pavilion of wood, glass, and copper accommodates a spacious multi-purpose room and full bath. The pool house design extends out from one end to shape a large covered patio. Delicate copper-clad domes, rising above the pool house roofline, filter sunlight and echo the seashore, creating a sense of distinction.