Office Furniture Suite – George Ranalli Designs+-

Project : Office Furniture Suite – George Ranalli Designs

Location: Manhattan, New York



In 1995, the creative director of a global corporation sought the design for a suite of office furniture. George Ranalli Designs filled a Manhattan corner office neatly with a composite desk/conference table and desk chair, accessorized in side chair, bench seat, and flat panel, media/storage unit. The ensemble is fabricated in a synthetic material more commonly used for residential countertops.  Surrel is however a versatile material, both pliable enough to take on a seamlessly irregular shape of a custom designed bench seat, and rigid enough for the structure of table, chair, and cabinetry underneath flat panel doors, and incised square panes of tinted glass, held in place by a delicate brass frame.  A subtle translucency responds to nuances variations of natural sunlight and adjustable recessed LED lighting seamlessly integrated into each functional element, for a sculptural office suite of refined elegance, both pleasantly durable and flexible. The design’s most practical feature is the strategically placement of adjustable “sleeves.” able to accommodate the dimensions of the digital devises of today and tomorrow, wether monitor, speakers, charger ports, or whatever else the future may hold for executive toolkits.