Italian American Museum of New York+-

project name : Italian American Museum of New York

location : New York City

year of design: 2016

client: Italian American Museum of New York

architect: George Ranalli

photographer: Judith Rae Photography

A community expressed interest in a facility of excellent design to accommodate civic events, parties, and education and arts programs. The project, sponsored by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), would remodel 1,500 square feet of ground-floor space in the 16-story Saratoga Village Apartments building and add a new, 3,500 square-foot facility as an all-purpose community space with commercial kitchen, bathrooms, director’s office, and other amenities.

The Saratoga Community Center posits an alternative to the contemporary lament that public architecture built by public agencies inevitably yields bland, stark buildings remote to occupants. This project transforms a solitary housing block into a residential housing complex of elegance and distinction. The orientation and design of the new building,
the redesign of the ground floor of the existing high-rise tower, and the surrounding landscaping work together to brighten the formerly bleak apartment-block environs.