Formica Office+-

project name : Formica Office

location : New York

year of design: 1995

client: Susan Lewin, Creative Director/ Formica Corp.

architect: George Ranalli

associates: Robert Silman Structural Engineer

design team: John Butterworth

photographer: Model Photos: George Ranalli

Designed for the Creative Director’s office of the Formica Corporation in mid-town Manhattan, this small arrangement of custom designed furniture is a showcase for Surell, a material produced by the Formica company, previously used in earlier projects, the culmination, one of which was the prototype The Valentine 2 Chair. This space takes earlier ideas further.

Surell, primarily used as a high-end residential kitchen countertop material, holds more varied possibilities worthy of exploration. The new office design includes a worktable, sofa, cabinets, vertical lighting, and other custom-designed elements necessary for small, bright and functional work space. Answering to the translucency of the material, each component of the design achieves a sculptural elegance with rich surface engravings and texture for the delicacy befitting a showcase.