Dinnerware Design+-

project name : Dinnerware Designs

location : New York City

year of design: 1995

client: George Ranalli Designs

architect: George Ranalli

design team: John Butterworth, Hayden Marrero

Ranalli Architect has long explored product design as an integral part of project work and as a venture into the design of everyday objects. Furniture, for example, is viewed as a natural extension of many interior design projects, including Manhattan apartments and lofts. On occasion, tableware have been designed as parts of interior ensembles, and some of these objects have made their way into commercial production.

Dinnerware patterns intended for formal and informal use were originally designed for residential clients. White and gold, often utilized for formal occasions, provide the color palate for a fine twelve-piece place setting. White, bone china, trimmed in gold leaf, and highlighted with red details cascade down the rim and into the center section of each plate. The slightly raised gold leaf details offer a subtle sensual response.

A more informal place setting, perhaps suitable for a summer table, is designed in the bold complementary colors of turquoise green with cobalt blue trim over a white center, which gives a striking presence to the table setting. For this more playful design, the accent elements are to float.

Each of the place settings incorporate fine linear elements that significantly reduce the scale to provide a pleasing ornamental presence to the table and ultimately the interior.