Cemetery Monument+-

project name : Cemetery Monument

location : Mt. Kisco

year of design: 1998

client: Wendy & Lawrence Blumenthal

architect: George Ranalli

design team: Mario Gentile

photographer: George Ranalli

A Cemetery Monument for a beloved residential client sits in the oldest cemetery in Mount Kisco, New York, vicinity. The client requested a memorial to commemorate the immeasurable loss with eloquence of poetry, and a monument sturdy enough to withstand years of family visits to a sacred place.

The memorial design began with a five-foot by five-foot by one foot slab of Vermont granite. The stone is smoothed on its front face, while the back of the stone retaining a rough-hewn finish. Text is laser-cut into the smooth front. A spherical fragment on the front surface is cut away from the block to provide an appropriately modest level of detail and ornamentation to the design. Given that the cemetery is quite old, with gravestones dating back hundreds of years, it is important that a new monument not only provide modern composition, but become part of an existing legacy.