Atelier International Table Design+-

project name : AI Table Design

location :New York

year of design: 1993

architect: George Ranalli

design team: John Butterworth, M.T. Chang

In collaboration with a stylish furniture company, whose products feature designs of milled, cast, and machined metals, Ranalli Architect devised the latest in a high-concept storage box coffee table design for the 21st Century. The architect had grown up around delicate Victorian cabinetry, with fragile hinges that inevitably broke from everyday wear and tear. Seeking the help and technical expertise of master craftsman, and after much sampling of mechanisms and metal work techniques, the Atelier International Table was born. The result is a modern take on a timeless classic.

The table top of Atelier International Table is composed of thin sheets of bronze, which sits atop a delicate storage box, at one end, with ample room for table accessories. At the other end, the tabletop rests on two highly sculptural legs of bronze and stainless steel, with structural elements connecting the tabletop to brass tubular legs, topped by semicircular spherical ornaments at the top. The table surface features a composition of lines, points and a fragment of a sphere at the center, which are fabricated in low relief silver. A sheet of clear glass, which provides a uniform surface for practical uses, protects the sumptuous tabletop, and the end result is charm, charm, and more charm.