75th Street Restoration & Renovation+-

Project : 75th Street Renovation

Location : East 75th Street, New York City

Firm : George Ranalli Architect

Associates: Silman Engineers


The project for a five-story, double-bay landmarked building on Manhattan’s upper east side, completed in 1912–1914, altered by decades of occupants, included the restoration of its elegant façade and interior modifications. The street façade restoration complies to the requirements of the Landmarks Preservation Commission of New York City.


The program for the new interior for the occupants of the 20,000 square feet building includes a large reception hall and screening room to accommodate a variety of media uses on the first level. The second story showcases a large-scale living – dining space which opens up onto an outdoor sculpture garden terrace. This level also incorporates a large kitchen and service areas. Floors three to five makes are also used for private quarters.


Interior architecture integrates new elements delicately into the fabric of the original building.  On the second floor, the main reception/living room opens onto a garden, and landscape architecture provides a newly designed water elements, pedestals to display art, and surface treatments. On the third floor, a new three-story atrium rises to meet the roof, capped by an oval skylight. The atrium shapes surrounding suites of rooms fitted with custom cabinetry and pattern hardwood flooring throughout.