75th Street Renovation+-

project name : 75th Street Renovation

location : East 75th Street, New York City

year of design: 1997

client: Name withheld at owner’s request

architect: George Ranalli

associates: Robert Silman Structural Engineer

design team: John Butterworth, Donald Hearn, Nathaniel Worden,

Daniel Joo, Eugene Park, Lawrence Bekkerman

photographer: Model Photos: George Ranalli

The project is a restoration and renovation of a five-story, double-bay building on East 75th Street in Manhattan. Most of the building was gutted down to the structure as a result of decades of changing clients. The existing landmark building structure features an elegant façade built in 1912–1914. In the interior, a historic, stencil-painted wood stair moving through three floors was preserved.

The program for the new project is a residence for a couple occupying the full 20,000 square feet of the building. There are public and private aspects to the space in the building. On the first floor, a large reception hall and screening room accommodates the owner’s professional activities. The second floor presents a large-scale living room and dining room connecting to an outdoor sculpture terrace. This floor also includes a kitchen and service area. The third through fifth floors are the couple’s private quarters.

The design carefully integrates new elements set delicately into the fabric of the original building. The street façade is restored, as required by the Landmarks Preservation Commission of New York City. On the second floor, the main reception/living room opens onto a garden, with newly designed fountains, sculpture pedestals, and surface treatments. On the third floor, a new three-story atrium rises up to the roof, capped by a magnificent oval structure and skylight. Behind the elaborate atrium walls, suites of rooms contain custom cabinets. The design for each space attends to particular functional requirements and spatial characteristics.