XVII Triennale Di Milano, Il Progetto Domestico+-

George Ranalli Designs

Rendering of a steel lounge chair by George Ranalli Architect.

Project : Living In A Loft, Il Progetto Domestico: La casa dell’uomo: archetipi e prototip

Sponsor : XVII Triennale di Milano; Milan, Italy

Firm: George Ranalli Architect

Photography : Matteo Piazza & Stefano Valebrega


George Ranalli Architect created the installation Living In A Loft for the 17th Triennale di Milano, “Il Progetto Domestico,”  January 18 – March 30, 1986. The project explores ideas about residential architecture, interiority, adaptive reuse, and urbanism. The prototype ‘building’ adapted a space inside a vast gallery originally constructed for industrial use.


The project “Living In A Loft” occupied a designated place inside the gallery enclosure inside the city of Milan, Italy.  Placing a habitable  form placed inside the vast gallery space shaped and molded and proposed new types of spaces for living.  Inside the old shell, the “Living Loft” installation looked like a solid enclosure; however, ‘inside’ the loft presented spaces for all the basic functions of home life, including eating, sleeping, and socializing.  Visitors were able to circumnavigate each of three levels of this little building to experience a new kind of house.  Carved out of an existing place, the ‘loft’ accommodated life’s daily rituals, offering table and chairs, storage closets, and a place for sleeping. However, eliminating the traditional division of rooms gave way to niches, nooks, and balconies – rooms within rooms – and  transparency.  Surface modeling and proportion managed to grant even the smallest alcove a sense of particularity.  ‘Living loft’ also proposed new material finishes, chosen for both appeal and durable. A surprising selection of materials, some not yet housebroken, such as welded sheet steel, were paired with marble and brass, presenting a modern reinterpretation of the craftsmanship of home furnishings. The project also debuted dining furniture prototypes, including the Valentine 1 Chair, for Promosedia, which together with an unusual new table design, delineating an elegant dining space, inside a courtyard, inside its host building and city.