Doylestown Community Theater+-

project Name: Doylestown Community Theater

location: Main Street, Doylestown, PA.

year of design: 2016

client: The County Theater, Doylestown, PA.

architect: George Ranalli

associates: Robert Silman Structural Engineer

design team: Hyungjin Lim, M.T. Chang

photographer: George Ranalli

In a historic Pennsylvania district, a proposal for a 4,000 square foot non-profit community theater features a masonry façade in attunement to history and setting. Through the integration of mechanical, structural, and material conditions, the new theater achieves a harmony of streetscape and district. A brick and masonry façade makes great strides to gleam and glint. Solid ruddy brick is adjusted in certain places, sometimes carved quite deeply, with a set of generously arched, recessed, and incised stone lintels, and mahogany wood window frames, casting sunlight and shadow across this dimensional wall in concert with the dynamics of the natural environment. Decorative and structural elements, such as a wide stone cornice, and recessed brick details, and four pairs of mahogany wood doors, also stepped back, and further incised with rectilinear plate glass, in equal parts, pragmatic and aesthetic, lend a sense of specificity and texture to occupant and pedestrian experience.  The new theater entrance adjoins an existing lobby of the historic art deco County Theater. Interior embellishments contribute a quality of modern refinement to the passageway leading to a new 130-seat theater, and beyond, to upper-story spaces, for events, and commercial office uses. Architectural interpretations of the current programmatic requirements are also easily adapted for new future uses.