Huascar & Co. Bake Shop+-

project Name: Huascar & Co. Bake Shop

location: West 54th Street, Hell’s Kitchen, New York

year of design: 2016-2017

client: Huascar & Co.

architect: George Ranalli

associates: Robert Silman Structural Engineer

design team: Hyungjin Lim, Lawrence Bekkerman

photographer: George Ranalli

Huascar & Co. Bake Shop located at 453 W. 54th St., near 10th Avenue, on Manhattan’s West Side, is the gut renovation and total redesign of a standard retail storefront – inside and out – creating space enough for Chef Huascar Aquino’s flagship retail location. A copper-clad façade, attuned to the size, form, and density of the host structure, is also suitably transparent and reflective enough to enthuse attention. The stylish finish of this storefront design neatly conceals energy efficient linear LED luminaries, set in a recess, and a discrete surface channel drainage system. Inside, a palette of marble countertops, stone floors, and lively color eschew the customary bakery aesthetic for modern charm in sync with a menu that updates classic bakeshop fare. A sculptural median wall delineates interior spaces for retail display, commercial kitchen, amenities, storage, and circulation, all resonant with the vision of an independent small business inspired by creativity, quality, handcraftsmanship, and a delicious New York.